Pin Guard

State Standard: 1, 3
Equipment: One ball and pin for each set of partners, music Grade: 1+
Purpose of Event: Kicking Skills, Control, Eye/Foot Coordination, Math Skills
Time: 10-15 minutes

Partners stand across from each other, (about 30′ apart, closer for younger learners) with a pin between them.  On signal, partners take turns kicking the ball between the pins, back and forth to each other.  They may have a point each time the successfully kick the ball between a set of pins and do not knock any over. (Can also subtract a point if you knock over a pin) Then, have them knock over their own pin.  One point each time they knock it over, (Subtract a point if you knock over another teams pin, or that team gets the point!)  If you knock over the pin, you pick it up.


For K-1 students: give each student a beanbag and have them practice sliding their beanbag to another students pin and try to knock it down. This is a good variation for younger students instead of kicking the ball. If and when I student knocks over another students pin they get a point (practice counting). If and when I student has their pin knocked over have them practice a locomotor skill (skipping, galloping, and hopping..etc) then they can set their pin back up. I put poly spots down, so they students know where to put their pin when it gets knocked down. 

Concerns: Keep kicks low, spread pins out.
This idea is from: Kristi Gillen and Nikki Warrington, Yankton, SD