Scooters/Roller Racer


Scooters/Roller Racers

State Standard: 1, 3

Equipment:  One Scooter/Roller Racer per student.  Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Locomotor Movements. Manipulatives and Control

Form equal teams of four to five player.  Have each team sitting in a single-file formation at the mid-court of the gym.  The first person in each line has a scooter. On signal “go” each player in turn performs the following tasks as they move toward a cone marker on the opposite end of the gym.  Each player moves around the cone marker and back to his/her team. As the player returns he/she then hands off the scooter and the next player in line takes his/her turn. The original player then moves to the back of the line.


  1. Safety:
  • Do not stand on them or crash them into each other.
  • Watch your fingers and clothing.
  1. Performance Tasks:
  • Two hands, one knee relay: Place two hands and one knee on the scooter and push forward with you free foot.
  • Kneeling relay: Kneel on your scooter and move forward with your hands only.
  • Stomach relay: Lie on your stomach and use a swimming motion to propel yourself.
  • Seat and Feet Relay: Sit on your seat and move using both your hands and feet.
  • Back Relay: Lay on your back and move using your feet.  Be careful of your hair.
  • Two Hand Relay: Place both hands on the scooter board and move using your two feet.  Be sure to hand off the scooter.
  1.  Indy 500: Divide students into groups of 3 with 2 scooters per group.  Use cones to make an oval track in your gym. Each group has a car name.  The driver sits one scooter with his/her feet on the other, the student who is the motor pushes, and the third student is the pit crew.  The teacher is in the middle and records the laps. When a car has made a lap the pit person runs to the middle and tells the teacher their car name, the teacher will write down a lap for that group.  The group takes turns at the different positions and continues the race. At the end of the class period the group with the most laps is the hot wheels winner.


EQUIPMENT:  One roller racer per squad and cone markers

ACTIVITY: (15-18 min.)

Organization: same as the scooters, except the course is one lap around the gym.  You may set up scones to make the track.

Roller Racers:

  • The roller racers can only be propelled in one way.  To move the racers, the students must move their hands in a side-to-side fashion.  Have the students take turns riding the racers. Have the students ride laps around the gym.  Too add excitement we name this activity the “Roller Racer 500.”
Concerns:  Must be able to move in general space safely and while on the scooters/roller racers. 
This idea is from:  myself


Green Eggs & Ham Relay


Green Eggs & Ham Relay

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: 4 Hula-Hoops, 1 Mat, Several small cones and beanbags (green in color) Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Students will participate in a relay race themed around the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs & Ham.
Time: 20-25 minutes
Organization:  Divide the class into 4 teams (relay style) and have them line up behind the baseline at one end of the gym. Place 4 hula-hoops with 5 small green cones (Ham) and a couple beanbags (eggs) in each. These will represent the green Eggs and Ham. Place a mat at the other end of the gym. This will represent the “garbage” where the students are to place their green Eggs and Ham. 

Green Eggs & Ham Relay: On the signal, one student will run with one of their green eggs and ham and try to place that item in the garbage without getting tagged by the “Sam I am.” The “Sam I am’s” are two taggers (have a green noodle) who are to trying to prevent the relay teams from getting rid of their green eggs and ham as they want them to keep and eat (as in the Dr. Seuss Story). If a student gets tagged by the “Sam I am” that student must return either the green egg or ham back to their team and then the next person goes. The game is over when one of the four teams gets rid of their green eggs and ham first. Once a team has won or the time limit is up (teacher’s choice) switch “Sam I am” taggers.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Make sure students are taking turns and staying their lines. Taggers should be tagging in a safe manner as well.
This idea is from: Myself