Hula Hoop Knockout


Hula Hoop Knockout

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
Equipment: Hula Hoops & Basketballs Grade: 4-8
Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular, Dribbling Skills, Movement in General Space
Time: 15-20 minutes
This is a dribbling practice game. Players will partner up so there will be pairs spread out in the gym. In each pair, 1 player will start as the dribbler and have a basketball (or soccer ball depending which game you want to play). The other player will place a hula hoop on the floor and stand with at least 1 foot inside of it. The player inside the hoop will try to knock away the balls of other players who come too near (remember that 1 foot must always be inside the hoop). If a player’s ball gets knocked away, they simply retrieve it and continue dribbling. After a couple of minutes, players switch roles and play again. Another great dribbling practice game, and modification of the original Knockout.
Modifications: You can also have the students who are dribbling knock away the other dribblers basketballs as well; instead of just those students whose foot is inside the hula-hoop.
Concerns: Move safely in general space. Making sure students are tagged in a nice manner w/ the noodles.
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