Mega-Goal Hockey


Mega-Goal Hockey

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: Hockey Sticks & 6 Hockey Nets (Goals) Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event:  Stick and Puck Manipulation, Control, Shooting Technique, & Teamwork
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Organization: Set-up 6 nets and put all the fleece balls and tennis balls in the middle. Students are separated into groups evenly at each one of the six nets.

Introduction:  A student from each goal runs to the middle (with their hockey stick) and dribbles a ball back to their goal and attempts a shot (trying to score a goal). If the student makes their goal;  the ball stays in their teams goal. If they miss; the student must dribble the ball (hockey stick) back to the middle. They then run back hand their hockey stick to the next teammate in line who repeats the same activity as their teammates in order to score a goal for their team. After each round count how many goals were made and start again. Then have team rotate to practice at different goals.

Variations: Instead of having just one student from each team have a hockey stick (with older students) have each player at each goal have their own hockey stick. On the signal, ALL students from each goal run to the middle and dribble a ball (with hockey stick) and attempt a shot at their teams goal.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Making sure students are not “high-sticking.” If playing with all students with a hockey stick make sure students are be aware of who is around them when they shoot to score.
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