Indy 500


Indy 500

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: 4 Hula-Hoops & 5-6 deck rings, and cones Grade: 2-5 (Possible K-1)
Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular Endurance & Teamwork
Time: 20-25 minutes
Organization:  Place large hula-hoops in a circle around the gym (4 teams). Each team gets 5-6 deck rings or other rings (make sure  there are different colors for each team).  

Indy 500: On the signal, the 1st runner carries a deck ring and tries to catch the runner ahead of them. If you, get tagged, you lose the ring (place it in the middle of the gym – center circle). If the runner makes a full lap without getting tagged they hand off the ring to the next person in their group. After a few minutes stop and see what team has the most rings left.

Rules: Students cannot tag the student behind them!! They must catch the person in front to them.

Variations: Play for a few times and switch students around to make different teams and/or run the other direction.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym.
This idea is from: Kris Smith, Physical Education Teacher, JFK Elementary. Sioux Falls, SD.


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