Pilgrims & Turkey’s

Pilgrims & Turkey’s

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: 24 mini cones; 12 frog /12 lady bug cards or bean bags, music Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Move in personal space, locomotor skills, memory skills
Time: 15-20 minutes

Description: (Pilgrim/Turkey cards for a Thanksgiving Theme)

Scatter cones on the gym floor and place a frog or ladybug card (or bean bag) under each cone.  Divide the class in half with one-half as frogs and one-half as ladybugs.  When the music plays, all students will move around the gym and look under the cones for a frog or a lady bug.  the object of the game is to get as many frogs or ladybugs (depending on the team the student is on) from under the cones and placed beside the cones before the music stops.  Students that are “frogs” try to take the ladybugs out from under the cones and students that are “ladybugs” try to take all of the frogs out from under the cones.

If a “ladybug” sees one of their cards next to a cone, they may place the cone back over it.  Once a student places a frog or ladybug outside or under a cone they must run to a different cone-only one person may be at one cone at a time.

When the music stops, all student s must stop and freeze (I use “like a rocket”).  Ask a student who is frozen quietly if they are a frog or ladybug.  If (s)he is a frog ask him/her to go around and place the cones back over all frogs.  Have  student who is  ladybug do the same thing.  Repeat.

You can count and keep score if you want to, I usually don’t.  Also have the students use locomotor skills between cones, not just running.  I only allow my students to touch a cone one time and then they need to move on.  Our goal is to “touch them all”.  Could also use colors under the cones, i.e.. red bean bags and green bean bags.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym.
This idea is from: www.pecentral.com


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