Rudolph’s Treasure

Rudolph’s Treasure

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: 10 scooters, 2-3 colored jerseys, 10 medium cones, 4-6 large cones, 30-40 beanbags, & 2 laundry baskets
Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Team Strategy and Muscular Endurance
Time: 20-25 minutes
Place 10 scooters on one end of the gym evenly spaced out (Scooters should be upside down when they are not being used).  Place 2 scooters upside down in the middle of the gym, with a colored jersey on each scooter.  Place the medium cones on the sidelines of the gym leaving 10-12 feet between the cones and the sidewalls.  Place 4-6 large cones at the opposite end of the gym approximately 20 feet from the end wall.  Space all the cones out evenly.  Place the beanbag box at the opposite end of the gym and an empty box behind the starting area.  Pair students with a partner and have them sit behind a scooter. Choose two students to use the scooter in the middle.

The object of the activity is for the students (reindeer) to lie down on their tummies on the scooters (sleighs) and make it across the North Pole (the gym) to the opposite side of the gym to get one beanbag (treasure) without being tagged by the two taggers roaming in the middle of the gym (the Grinches).  The reindeer are safe while they are in the “barn” (at their start spot) and they are safe if they make it to the big cones (opposite side).  But once, they are in between the start area and the big cones, the two Grinches can try to tag them.  The Grinches are also moving around on their tummies and they are not allowed to get off their scooter.  If a student is tagged before making it to the treasure, they simply stand up, pick up their sleigh and walk to the sidelines (where the medium cones are placed) and then they give the scooter to the partner who then has a turn.

If the students make it to the treasure, they must return it to the “barn” without being tagged.  If they are tagged, they simply drop the beanbag where they were tagged and walk to the sidelines and return to their partner.  The partner, or any other student can then decide to try to make it all the way to the opposite end of the gym, or they can choose to rescue a dropped beanbag (treasure).  This is where strategy and teamwork come into place as one or more students can “sacrifice” themselves or distract the Grinch while others make it safely back.  

Concerns: Moving safely in the gym. Making sure students are tagging one another is safe manner.
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