Dare Ball

Dare Ball 

State Standard: 1, 2

Equipment: Enough Polly spots for half the class, 3 soft balls Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Throwing Skills and Cardiovascular Endurance.
Time: 15-20 minutes
Divide the class into two teams. One half will go to an orange Polly spot and the other half will be divided into one of the 3 throwing lines. Once you have the 2 teams, give everyone on each team a number: 1, 2, or 3. This way when you switch, they will know which “running line” to go to.

Each inning will consist of one team trying to score while the other team tries to get them out. When 3 “outs” are called, the two teams switch positions to finish the last half of the inning.

The fielding team is on a Polly spot. They can move off the spot to get a ball but must be ON THEIR SPOT TO THROW! If a runner is hit, it counts as an out. Players on the fielding team can toss to other fielding players, but again, both must be on their spot to throw. Once there are 3 “outs” the fielding players go to the runners and the runners become fielders
Runners: At the start of the inning, the first player in the line will throw the ball and then run in any direction to the opposite wall, touch the wall and run back to their row. Once they get back to their row without being hit by the ball from the fielding team, they slap the hand of the next person in their row and to the end of their line. They have just earned one run or point. They may run and score again before the there are out is called. If they are hit by the ball they are “out” and their run doesn’t count.
The balls are only thrown once at the start of the inning, after the first throw, it is the job of the fielders to keep the balls moving (to get runners out). One runner from each of the 3 running teams should be going all the time.
I blow the whistle when there are 3 outs and yell “switch”. Fielders go to runners and runners go to the field.
(X= ball)
(0= Polly spot)
O2 O3
1111 X O1 O3 O12222 X O1 O2
3333 X O3 O1
Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Make sure students are NOT throwing the balls at each other!!!
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