Pin-Galore Hockey

Pin-Galore Hockey

State Standard: 1, & 3

Equipment:  20 Plastic pins, Several gator-skin balls, Hockey Sticks (enough for two teams), and Poly Spots
Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Using Long-Handled Implements while striking a Ball. 
Time: 15-20 minutes
Place 10 foam pins on each side of the gym on Poly Spots. Put several poly spots down the middle of the gym to separate into two halves. 
This is a modification to the regular game of floor hockey.  Instead of the typical scoring (puck into a hockey net), players will try to knock over the other team’s pins while striking a gator-skin ball with their hockey stick! If a player strikes the ball and it knocks down a pin from the other team their team scores a point (I use a digital scoreboard). Once the pin is down it stays down!!!!!  Once one team has knocked all the other teams pins down their team wins. Goalies are optional. If I do use a goal they must be in-between the pins to protect. 

No high sticking. Both hands must be on the hockey stick. If a student breaks the rules they go to the penalty box (area where students have to do an exercise to get back in the game). 

Concerns: Be cautious when students are using their hockey sticks!!! 
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