Hula-Hoop Volleyball

Hula-Hoop Volleyball

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: 3-4 Volleyball Standards, 3 Volleyball nets, 5-10 different colored hula-hoops, and several volleyballs
Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: To practice volleyball skills (i.e., forearm pass, underhand/overhand serve, and set)
Time: 2-3 Minute Rounds (20-25 minutes total). 
Set-up two volleyball courts. I use two nets with two volleyball standards (more participation). Spread out 5-10 hula-hoops on each side of the volleyball nets. 

Divide class into two teams.  The goal is to have students practice their volleyball skills (forearm pass, underhand/overhand serve, and set) by attempting to have their volleyball land in the opposing teams hula-hoops to score a point. Each time a volleyball lands and/or bounces inside the hula-hoop that person has just scored one point for their team. We play several rounds for 2-3 minutes. Once a round is over bring the students back and have them add up each individuals score to determine how many points the entire team obtained. This is a good way to focus on sportsmanship and character (making sure students are not making up their points – honesty).  After we have determined the final score of each team we play another round. Things to focus on is making sure students are practicing the correct volleyballs skills as mentioned above. 

Students are NOT allowed to catch, throw, kick, and/or lift the volleyballs. Make sure students do not touch the net. The volleyball must go over the net not under. When it comes to blocking (I only do this with 5th grade) students can only block while moving around their side of the net. In other words students cannot stand in front (not moving) of the hula-hoops and/or stand inside them. 

You can have the volleyballs bounce on the floor then inside the hula-hoops to score points. Depending on skill level to can only allow points to be obtained when the volleyball bounces directly in the hula-hoop (before it touches the floor). For younger students; such as 3rd and 4th grade I do NOT allow blocking.  

Concerns: Using correct volleyball skills, good sportsmanship, and make sure students are NOT kicking, throwing, and/or catching the volleyball. I taped the hula-hoops on the floor, so students do not slip on them. 
This idea is from: Myself (as well as my 3rd grade students). 


The Serving Game (Volleyball)




Volleyball (Serving Game)

State Standard: 1, 3
Equipment: Volleyballs (or beach balls), Nets Grade: 5-8
Purpose of Event: Demonstrate the appropriate steps in serving a ball in Volleyball.
Time: 10-15 minutes

Great game to practice serving, after learning the proper technique. Lots of reps and serving accuracy is accomplished in this mini-game that groups one team up against another to be the team with the best serving accuracy. A must-try as part of a volleyball unit.

  1. Players from each team stand in spot on their side of the court, opposite from a teammate who is the starting server.
  2. On the signal, the server from each team keeps trying to serve to their teammates.
  3. If a ball is caught, the player who caught it becomes a server as well, and joins the first server.
  4. First team to get all players up and serving wins the round!
Concerns: Move safely in general space.
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