The Serving Game (Volleyball)




Volleyball (Serving Game)

State Standard: 1, 3
Equipment: Volleyballs (or beach balls), Nets Grade: 5-8
Purpose of Event: Demonstrate the appropriate steps in serving a ball in Volleyball.
Time: 10-15 minutes

Great game to practice serving, after learning the proper technique. Lots of reps and serving accuracy is accomplished in this mini-game that groups one team up against another to be the team with the best serving accuracy. A must-try as part of a volleyball unit.

  1. Players from each team stand in spot on their side of the court, opposite from a teammate who is the starting server.
  2. On the signal, the server from each team keeps trying to serve to their teammates.
  3. If a ball is caught, the player who caught it becomes a server as well, and joins the first server.
  4. First team to get all players up and serving wins the round!
Concerns: Move safely in general space.
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