Do you think we should worry or be aware of what we put online? (E.G. pictures, posts, and/or personal information) – (Reply by Feb.  27, 2013)

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  1. You should think before you put stuff online, because if you arent aware of what you put online, you might get hacked

  2. Yes we should. Anyone can see what you just said on a post. You can delete somthing off but it will always be there no matter what you do.

  3. Yes, because anyone can see it, so for example if you post your phone number (which you shouldn’t) then anyone can take that number and text you. I know I wouldn’t want a stranger texting me. So don’t post personal information and make sure to think before you post.

  4. Yes. Anyone can see what you put online and you cant always remove it and then its suck there forever and everyone can see it and you shouldnt put or do anything online that you wouldnt in person and also if you put something online that could be considered bad and you were appling for a job you could get dinied of the job because of it

  5. Yes, because younger kids have social networks too now so if we post bad stuff online they can see it as easy as we post it so now we influence them with what we do. Also family and our friends’ family can see it too.

  6. Yes, we should be aware that when we post bad things online it will never go away! We shouldn’t post bad things because when we get jobs in the future we may not be accepted because of that one picture.

  7. I think that people should be aware that when they put stuff online it could offend somone so they need to think before they post. Also people should be aware that if they’re looking at somone elses profile it might not be them posting it, somone could have hacked them.

    • Excellent Post John!!! If some does post something harmful or hurtful online; besides affecting the person they are talking about how could it affect them in the future?

  8. yes, we need to be cautious about anything we put online because any post or picture we put on can be seen and saved by anyone, anything on the internet in permanent.

  9. Yes we should because there is older people out there that look for kid to post what there doing and where they are so they can take them.

  10. Yes, because you dont know who is looking at it, or if they save your information. Also when your are chatting with someone, you dont know if they are really who they say they are.

  11. Yes, Because there are alot of creepy people out there who would like to hurt kids and take them. But if you have a requested follow then you can see who they are and if they can follow you.

    • I agree, which is why people should always have a privacy setting on their account so they can pick and choose who can follow them.

      • I aree, there are a lot of creepy people online, and you should always have your privacy settings on. Also dont give out any personal information.

  12. Yes, you should be very careful of what you post on the online web, so you dont get an identity lost or even get hacked and you might not even know that person or not have ever met them.

  13. Yes, i think we should be aware of what we post online. Because now that we have so much tecnology kids that are even younger then us are using facebook twitter ect. And lying about there age and seeing stuff thats not for there age on the internet. Because once you post it, it will always be there. Becuase when your that young you might not know what is right on the internent or whats tricking you.

  14. Yes, because if we post stuff of our personal life or personal beliefts companies later in life that we apply for a job can see all of the stuff we posted and then we can be denied a job for something that you posted a couples years ago.

  15. Yes, it is important to be aware of what we post online because it can be dangerous to do something online that you wouldn’t do in person.

  16. You should be aware of what you put online, because if you aren’t aware of what you put online, maybe it wasn’t you who put it online, maybe you got hacked.

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