State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: 1 nerf ball, jerseys  (I use about 6-8 balls for 22 students)
Grade: 4+
Purpose of Event: Kicking, shooting, throwing, Working on Basketball and Soccer skills
Time: 15-20 minutes

Divide class into 2 teams, and each team stands on their sideline.  Five players from each team go onto the court to start the game.  I start with the ball on the floor in the middle of the gym (if using more than one ball, have them all scattered)  The remaining sideline players are goalies.  Each team has unlimited passing between the sideline and the court. 

Court players cannot pick a ball up off the floor but my use their hands to catch a ball in the air or can convert it by lifting it with the feet and then catching it, only side lines players may pick a ball up off of the floor.  Court players could also kick the ball to a sideline player and have them pick it up and throw it back. Court players can kick the ball any teammate and if it is in the air, they can catch it with their hands.  Once the ball is in the hand, court players may only take 3 steps, then they need to pass, kick or shoot.  Goalies may not move with the ball in their hands.

The object of the game is to score points in the following ways: (Only court players may score!)      throwing the ball through the goalies on the other sideline and hitting the wall (1 point);  kicking the ball through the goalies on the other sideline and hitting the wall (3 points); by shooting the ball through your own basket (1 point). If a basket is scored, the ball is immediately given to the end goalie on the opposite team.

Players remain in the middle for 1-3 minutes and then go to the end of their sidelines, and the other end of their line goes to the court.

Variations: Have 3-4 balls going! 

Concerns: Keep kicking low and under control, don’t add additional balls until they understand game.
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