Parachute: Inflation

Parachute: Inflation

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: Parachute large enough for all to hold
Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Parachute large enough for all to hold
Time: 10 minutes (each activity)

Have definite signals such as “1, 2, Lift” so everyone responds at the same time

Inflation: held the canopy at waist level using the overhand grip.  On the signal “ready-down” squat and hold parachute to the floor.  On signal “1,2, Lift” stand and thrust arms overhead to allow as much air under the chute as possible.  When the center of the canopy touched the floor, repeat, and try to get an even better inflation.

Tenting: Inflate parachute; then on the signal “in -1-2-3” walk forward three steps.  As the chute settles, on signal “out-1-2-3 walk backwards three steps.

Tent Run: players, inflate the chute as for Tenting, quickly let go of the chute with your right hands, and then run CCW around it.  Challenge players to return to their starting positions before the chute touches the floor.  Try to skip instead of run.

Mushroom: Inflate chute; then quickly pull the edge to floor to seal in the escaping air and make a mushroom shape.  Continue to hold the edges down until canopy settles to floor.  Try walking forward three steps before sealing parachute to the floor.

Igloo: Hold the parachute using the cross-over grip, inflate it and walk forward three steps.  On signal “turn” quickly turn and duck under the parachute.  Re-grasp the inside edge, kneel or sit and seal edge to floor.  Return to the outside and try again. (1-2-Lift-Turn-Down)

Peek-a-boo Igloo: can you make an Igloo and seal it to the floor, leaving only your heads outside?  Show me how you can make an Igloo, seal it to the floor, and then lie on your backs and poke only your feet outside.

Igloo Crawl: Number off 1-2-1-2, around the chute.  Listen to the number I call. If it is your number, then crawl carefully under the chute across to the other side.

Fly Away: Inflate the chute until it is totally inflated; then on signal “fly away” everyone let go at the same time.  The chute should remain in the air for a few seconds before it settles down on top of you, but don’t move off your spot

Sunflower: Inflate the parachute.  Now quickly lower it to the floor and kneel on the outside edge to seal in the air.  Raise arms sideways, join hands and on the signal “in” lean forward; on signal “out” lean backward.  Pretend to be a sunflower closing and opening.

Concerns: Cautious moving around the parachute, could be slippery if stepped on.
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