EQUIPMENT:  5 Hula-Hoops and 15-20 bean bags

FOCUS: Teamwork and cardiovascular workout

ACTIVITY: (15-18 min.)

Organization: The class will return to the center circle and receive the directions for the activity.  The class will be divided into four teams.  The teacher will choose the teams.

Thieves: The four teams will be at each corner of the basketball court with a hula-hoop at each sight and a hula-hoop in the middle of the court.  The beanbags are placed in the center hoop.  The first person of each team will race to the center, grab 1 beanbag and take it back to their hoop.  The next person can get a beanbag from the center or from other teams’ hoops.  The first team with five beanbags wins.  Variations: Change the number of beanbags to win or by requesting a certain color of beanbag plus 3 or 4 other beanbags to win.  Safety Precautions:  No sliding on the floor.

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