Valentine Rescue



Valentine Rescue

State Standard: 1, 3
Equipment: 6-8 poly spots/bases; 2 jerseys, 25+ Bean Bags;  3 Hula Hoop; One pool noodle (arrow) Grade: 3-5, possibly K-5
Purpose of Event: Running, Locomotor Skills, Personal/General Space, Cardiovascular  
Time: 10-15 minutes
Description: Spread the poly spots around playing area (rectangle).  One side of the rectangle will have the 2 hula hoops (empty chocolate boxes) opposite that will be the other hula hoop (One as Cupids Base, the other two for the taggers). The third side will have all the bean bags and the side opposite that will have all of the students.  Choose two students to start in a hula hoop as the “Huggers” and the “Kissers” (Hershey’s chocolate kisses).  These two will wear the jerseys.   Then select one student to be “Cupid” and have them stand in a hula hoop.

The object of the game is to see how fast the class can rescue the class can rescue the valentines (bean bags) by avoiding the taggers (Hugs & Kisses).  Start the game by having the students WALK first, adds various locomotor movements later.  You may want to limit running for safety reasons for this game.

If a student is tagged by a hugger or kisser they must go to the empty chocolate box (hula hoops) and if they had a valentine (bean bag) they must return it to the pile of bean bags.  The student may rejoin the game once they are tagged back in by cupid. The only “Safe” zones in this game are the poly spots/bases.  The student may only be on a base for 10 seconds or less and may only use one base for each trip (down and back). Therefore, students may not base hop (go from one base to another and so on).  Only one student per base is allowed.  Also, the taggers cannot “guard” the bases and Cupid may not use the bases as a safety zone.

The game continues until: 1) All of the valentines (bean bags) are rescued or 2) Cupid gets tagged outside of the safety zone (hula hoop).  Don’t forget to switch Cupid and the taggers often.

Concerns: Move safely in General Space
This idea is from: Diana Ayres by (I have changed a couple of things to meet my needs.)


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