State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
4 Batting Tees, 4 Gator-Skin balls, 4 plastic bats, & 4 mats Grade:4-7
Purpose: Throwing, Batting Skills, Running, & Cooperative Learning
Time: 15-25 Minutes
Organization: Students will sit around the middle circle while I explain the rules to the game.  Split the class up into groups of 2 to 3 as there are 8 teams in this game. 

  • This game is a mini-baseball type game that can be played in the gym or outdoors to help develop baseball/softball/fielding/striking skills. Smaller teams are created in a broken-down mini game that resembles actual baseball, but with smaller groups getting more reps and practice/skill development. With a few modifications to the regular game of baseball, this game is an effective lead up or fun small style game to try out to get the heart rates up!
  • Set the gym up with four mats evenly spaced out on one end of the gym with the Batting Tees and bats at the opposite end of the mats. 
  • The objective of this game is to have the batter swing and hit a ball of a tee and run to their mate (base) to score a point before they are out. Each time a batter successfully touches the mate before being out their team scores one point. This continues until the outfield players get 3 outs and then they rotate as in real baseball/softball. 


  • A batter is out when: either an outfielder catches a ball in the air, catches a ball off the wall, is tagged out, and/or forced out (outfield steps on the base with the ball before the runner touches the base). 
  • A batters is NOT allowed to bunt in this game and there are NO automatic home runs. 
  • A batter is automatically out if they throw their bat after they have hit the ball of the tee. 
Concerns: Be Careful when tagging and when the batter are swinging the bats! 
This idea is from: physedgames.com 

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