King-Pin Handball


King-Pin Handball 

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: 10-15 Nerf balls, 10 bowling pins, jerseys, 2 floor mats Grade: 3-8
Purpose of Event: Develop throwing and aiming, Hand eye coordination, Striking stationary targets, teamwork
Time: 15-20 minutes

Divide class into 2 teams. Center line in gym divides each team’s side.  The object of the game is to be the first team to knock the opponents pins down by throwing the balls at the pins (Pins are lined up at the opposite end of the gym, 5 on each side).  Players may run anywhere in the gym.  However, if a player crosses the center line they are at risk for being tagged.  If  tagged the player goes to the jail, (mat on the other teams side of the gym).  To get out of jail, a tagged player must catch an aerial ball from one of their team mates.  This ball must be thrown from players own side. The player must catch the thrown ball with at least one foot touching the mat.  If a player in jail catches a ball, they get free backs but must return to their starting side.  The caught ball should be left as a token on the opponents side.  If you never cross the center line, you never have to “go to jail”.  Balls are NEVER thrown at people, they are only thrown at the pins.

Variations: Players do not need to cross the line to knock over a pin, but they may if they want to take a risk.  One person at a time may guard a pin, but they must remain standing.  When players are going into and out of “jail” I have them raise their hand, so others know where they are going.  While in jail, players cannot throw balls at the pins.

Concerns: Be cautious with throw, and watch where you are going!  Have knowledge of general space. Make sure students are NOT throwing the ball at one another!!!
This idea is from: WOW Workshop

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