Basketball Shoot-out


Basketball Shoot Out!

State Standard: 1, 2, 3

Equipment: Rubber play ground balls, (can use basketballs, but with the little kids, and all the shooting, rubber is safer!  Plus, they bounce easier!   100+ tokens, a Frisbee, music, basketball hoops (low) Grade: K-3
Purpose of Event: Shooting Basket, Adding Score, Sportsmanship, work on HONESTY!
Time: 15-20 minutes
Description: : Have everyone get a basketball

  •  When the music starts, they can shoot at any of the 6 hoops, every time they make a basket, they come over to you and get a token out of the “treasure chest” and put the token in the Frisbee.
  •  I usually sit on a chair and hold the treasure chest, so kids will only take ONE token
  •  After 2-3 minutes, stop the music and close the lid to the chest, NO MORE TOKENS can be taken out.
  •  Have the kids come and sit around you and help them count the tokens from the Frisbee
  • Put the tokens back into the chest and start the game again.
  •  I don’t let the kids dribble or shoot while we are counting.

Work on Math skills!  Count by 2’s 5’s etc.  Also, sometimes we count by color!  Have one student pick out a chip, what ever color it is, that color is worth 2 points instead of just one!

Concerns:  If using real basketballs, be careful around the hoops!
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