Run For Fun Games


Run For Fun Games

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: Several items required/Running Space. Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular exercise
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Organization: Make sure the students understand the directions before they start running.  Maybe practice one time in the gym before going out to the track.  

Fox and Hounds: One student is selected to be the fox.  The fox begins to run around the track or other designated area.  After a 3-5 second head start, the rest of the students begin to chase the fox.  When the fox is tagged by a player, all of the students slowdown and begin to walk around the track for a short period.  When all of the students are back in a large group, select another student to be the fox and continue.  Do this several times as the class completes the number of desired laps around the track.

Chase the Herd: This game is like “Fox and Hounds” in reverse!  The herd gets a head start and the chaser tries to pass as many of the herd as possible.  When the chaser appears to “run out of steam”, signal all of the students to walk and assemble at a designated point on the track.  Begin the game again with a new chaser.

Rendezvous Run: A partner running game.  Each partner runs in the opposite direction around the track.  The object of the game is to rendezvous at the starting line at exactly the same time.  Pacing and keeping an eye on your partner is very important!

Catch Me if You Can:  Equipment: Cones

Students will work in pairs.  One partner will be the runner and the other will be the walker.  The runner begins just in front of the walker.  The runner begins running laps around the perimeter (around the cones) and the walker begins walking.  The objective is for the runner to catch the walker.  When this happens they switch roles.  If a whistle sounds during the activity they must switch directions they are moving.   Variation: If a signal is given they switch roles(runner-walker) instead of switching directions.

Concerns: Move safely in general space. Tag carefully!!!
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