Card Sharks Dribbling


Card Sharks Dribbling

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: Several basketballs, Hula Hoops, Playing Cards, & Basketball Hoops (varying height) Grade: 2-5
Purpose of Event:  dribbling skills, bounce & catching, manipulation, and control
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Organization: Set-up several hula-hoops around the gym with playing cards inside each one. Make sure the cards are facing down, so students cannot see them. Mix the cards up; for instance red cards and black cards are spread out in varying hula-hoops. Have basketball hoops set and different height for younger students.

Introduction:  On the signal, students begin dribbling around the gym and go to a different hula-hoop. At the hula-hoop a student will flip up the card (inside the hula-hoop) if the card is red student dribbles the inside the hula-hoop with their dominate hand that many times inside the hula-hoop. After the student as completed that task they flip the card back upside down and move to another hula-hoop. If a student goes to another hula-hoop and flip the card up and it is black they are required to dribble the ball that number of times with their non-dominate hand.

Variations: Instead of having (older students) dribbling if the student picks up a red card you can have them dribble to a red poly spot on the floor (at a hoop) and attempt one shot. Whether the student makes or misses the shot they go retrieve their ball and proceed to dribble to another hula-hoop. If a student goes to a hula-hoop and the card they pick up is black they proceed to a black poly spot (hoop set at a taller height).

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Making sure students are not shooting their baskets when other students are shooting (taking turns). Make sure students are not stealing the ball from each other (little kids).
This idea is from: Kate Davis, Western Elementary.



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