Bake Shop


Bake Shop

State Standard1, 2, & 4

Equipment 5 Mats, several yarnballs, and noodles Grade: K-3
Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular Endurance, Spatial Awarness, & Control. 
Time: 15-20 minutes
Organization: Set up 5 mats like 5 on a dice in the gym.

Description: Put the students into 5 teams. One team is the middle of the gym on a mat they are the bakers (taggers). The 4 other teams are running and trying to steal the cookies (yarnball) and put them on their mats. After several minutes switch the bakers (taggers). 

Variations: Instead, of just running have the students try different locomotor skills (i.e., skipping and/or galloping) while trying to attempt to steal the “cookies.” 

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Being safe the hockey sticks!!!! 
This idea is from: Kurt Skogstad, Physical Education Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary

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