Flicker Ball – Football or Hi-Li or Basketball

Flicker Ball – Football or Hi-Li or Basketball

State Standard: 1 & 3

EquipmentOne football, jerseys Grade: 3+
Purpose of Event: Passing, Catching, Football skills
Time: 15-20 minutes

Objective: to get the ball into the end zone  (4 teams, 2 half court games)
I pick two kids to rock/paper/scissors to see who gets to start with the ball; the winner picks offense or defense; loser picks side
When holding the ball, you may run (or dribble) until tagged, unless you receive the ball by a turned over, then you can not run
You may not block the thrower
You may block the receiver
If you intercept the pass (catch it in the air)  you may run (or dribble) until tagged
If the pass is dropped , it is a turnover at the spot the ball was dropped
If a team scores, it is handed to the other team they may not run with the ball, until they have completed one pass
If the ball is attempted to be intercepted but the receiver still catches the ball, it is not considered a turn over, play continues

-Have boys pass to girls and girls pass to boys, require 3 passes before a score, have 5 people touch the ball before a score,  Have them play other teams every 3-4 minutes switch.

Basketball Style: rule as above, but shooting hoops instead of getting ball to end zone. Can chest or bounce pass.  Once tagged, can continue to dribble (for older students picking up dribble could result in a turn over) If a shot is missed it is a turn over, no rebounding.

Concerns: Touch only or use flags (football style)
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