My Snake

My  Snake (Reading)

State Standard: 1, 3, 7 5

Equipment: My Snake from the book Something Big Has Been Here by Jack Prelutsky
Grade: K-1
Purpose of Event: Creative Movement Activity, body awareness and letter recognition, personal/general space.
Time: 10-15 minutes

Have the children find a personal space and sit down. I tell them that I am going to read a story about a smart snake that can make every letter of the alphabet with his body. I ask them if they think they can make every letter with their bodies. The story is called My Snake, each time he makes a letter, first listen as I read. (Read Story, The snake twists and turns into letters.) Next, I want you to try and make the same letter as he does. This time while I read, the students make the letters.

This idea is from: Judy Fowler, at Thank you for a great idea! And Jack Prelutsky for a great book!


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