Scooter Basketball

Scooter Basketball

State Standard: 1 & 3

Equipment: Scooter per student, basketball and 2 hoops (play ground ball would also be fine)
Grade: 3+ (possible 2nd)
Purpose of Event: Passing skills, and shooting skills, while moving on scooters
Time: 10-15 minutes

Each student sits on a scooter, normal basketball rules apply (can play with or without dribble). Divide class into 2 team. (we play with four teams, 2 half court games). Split players from each team up into front court and back court players so they don’t have to scoot so far. Pass ball to teammates and try to score.

Lowering hoops is helpful. As mentioned in equipment, sometimes it is better to use a playground ball, softer and bounces easier. If you are unable to lower the hoops; I use garbage cans set on top of two mats as the basketball hoops.

Concerns: Moving safely on scooters! 
This idea is from: Seen the game from several Physed Teachers!


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