Batting Skills

Batting Skills

State Standard: 1, & 4

Equipment:Bats, batting tees, wiffle balls, and poly spots Grade:  3-5
Purpose of Event:  Eye-hand coordination, grip, stance, and swing
Time: 20-25 minutes
Introduction:  Students will sit in a horseshoe formation while I review the basic batting stance, hand position, grip, and swing with the students.


  1. Students will take turns practicing their stance, gripping the bat and swinging through an imaginary ball.
  2. Bat around: Set up four tees on one end of the gym.  At the opposite end place poly spots in a semicircle.  There should be a poly spot for each child that is not batting.  Place on student at each poly spot and one at each tee. All fielders not batting must remain on the spots until each batter hits.  On the teacher’s signal each batter swings the bat and hits the ball in the direction of the fielders. Once all batters have hit the ball the fielders closest to the balls pick them up and return them to a tee and then return to their spot.  Students then rotate counter-clockwise one spot or tee. Repeat this until everyone has batted four times.
  • Variations: Depending on the skill level and grade level, some students may be ready to bat a pitched ball.  The teacher may stand in place of a tee and pitch to that student.
  • If the teacher is not pitching he/she should be observing and helping the batters with their stance, grip, and swing.
Concerns:  Move carefully in personal space with Wands.
This idea is from: Myself as well as Tanner Ross & Kevin Tiller (seen below).



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