Crazy Baseball


Crazy Baseball

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, & 4

Equipment: 1 bat/racquet, ball set of bases for each pair of teams (I have enough room to have 3 games going on at once, so I need 3 of everything, my gym is about 70′ X 40″) I use Polly-spots for bases and Koosh balls/paddles
Grade: 3-8
Purpose of Event: Work on baseball/softball skills, Throwing, striking, catching, running with minimal standing around
Time: 15-20 minutes

Divide into teams of  3 or 4.  One team goes to the field the other is up to bat.  I have 6 teams playing, so I always have 3 batting teams and 3 fielding teams. Remind the kids, they are only playing their batters, don’t worry about the other games going on beside you.  One fielding student needs to be at each base (if you have teams of 4, the fourth player starts at the pitching position, and after the ball is batted, covers home).  The batter pitches to them self, and then runs AROUND ALL of the bases.  (I stress running around, because I use Polly-spots as bases and their isn’t a lot of extra room.)  The runner runs around all the bases, everything is a home run.  They do not stop at any base. While the batter is running, the fielding team, gets the ball, throws it to first, then second, then third then home.  If the fielding team gets the ball “home” before the runner gets home, the batting team doesn’t get a point/run.  If the runner gets “home” before the ball, the batting team earns a point/run.  If the ball is caught, it is not an out, it has to be thrown to the bases in order, every time.  After all 3 or 4 batters have batted one time, they go to the field, and the fielding team bats.  If your teams only have 3 players, have the first base player cover home, AFTER they throw the ball to second.

I let them play for about 5 minutes and then switch the teams, so they are playing other teams.  This game rewards great throws and catches, and gets them running and moving.  The batters only are waiting for 2-3 other batters, so they aren’t in line forever and bat every inning.  Fielders always get the ball, and they all have to throw and catch.

I have also used scoops to catch with for that unit!  Really a challenge!  Have them do all of the catching/throwing/”batting” with the scoops and see how they do!

Concerns: Don’t throw the bat!  Make sure to have space between each field.  Don’t let teams purposely interfere with other games. Use soft balls, lots of action!
This idea is from: SHAPE America 2018 National Convention: Nashville, TN


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