Scooter Hockey


Scooter Hockey

State Standard: 1, 3

Equipment:  One scooter per player except the goalies, 4 cones, 2 plastic pucks, one scooter hockey stick per player, 2 goalie masks, gym tape Grade: 4-5 (possibly 3rd)
Purpose of Event: Manipulation, Control, Team Play

Organization: Form two equal teams with each team starting in its half of the gym.  Students should be sitting on their scooters with one team having red sticks and the other yellow sticks.  Use two cones, spaced 10 feet apart, to mark out a goal area at each end of the gym. One player from each team is the goalie.  The goalie does not need a scooter. Form a goalie box directly in front of the goal to protect the goalie. Use gym tape to create the box, which should be 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.  Place the pucks in the middle of the play area between the two opposing teams.

Scooter Hockey:

  1. The object of the game is to shoot the puck between the opposition’s goal to score. Adding another puck will create more activity.
  2. On the signal the teams begin play by facing off in the center area.  The face-off is repeated after every goal.
  3. Penalties: The following penalties are punishable by moving to the penalty box.  (designated area)
  • The Pucks may not be touched with the free hand, excluding the goalie.
  • Rough Play
  • Falling off scooter
  • Causing a puck to become air borne, including the goalie.
  • Moving into the goalies protective box.
  1. Play should begin with one player from each team in the penalty box.  As a penalty occurs the penalized player should carry their scooter over to the penalty box and exchange positions with the player in the penalty box.
Concerns:  Must be able to move in general space safely and while on the scooters. Be careful when trying to strike the hockey puck that nobody is around the shooter. 
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