Pass Me The Spider (or Chicken)

Pass Me The Spider (or Chicken)

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment:  2 noodles, 2 stuffed spiders (chickens)
Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Work on Catching, Throwing, Movement, Locomotor, Personal/General Space
Time: 10-25 minutes
Select 2 students to start with the noodles, they will be freezing people.  Two students will start with the spiders, the spiders will “thaw-out” frozen students and allow them to move again.  Spiders will be passes to someone who is frozen, so they will change hands often.  

If you are frozen, you must sit and say, “please pass me the spider” to a student with a spider.  The student with the spider will then pass it off.  Spiders should be moving to different people all the time so no one stays frozen for more than a few seconds.  If the spider is in your hands, you can not be frozen.  After about a minute, switch the students with the noodles.

Start the game by walking, and then change to different locomotor skills as the game progresses and they get the hang of it.

Concerns: Moving safely in general and personal space
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