Skilz Attack


Skilz Attack

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: (10 gates total = 20 cones), foam paddles (represent gates), and noodles for taggers, & baskets full of trinkets. Grade: 2-5
Purpose of Event: Provide students with a pre-designed “goal-oriented” tag game that incorporates boundaries, rules/consequences, and safety zones; all of which is flexible to tweaking.  Tag tactics are heavily emphasized which can lead up to Invasion/Territorial games.
Time: 20-25 minutes
Overall Goal of Game:  Score points for your team by running through the gates without being tagged by the defending team.  Likewise, the defense attempts to stop runners from making it through the final zone.  All of this is done within a specified period of time.Rules for original game:

  1. One team is on defense and is positioned to “guard the gates” in play area while other 2 teams are the attacking teams on offense (see starting positions on diagram).
  2. To score, attacking team players must stay in bounds, make it through 1st gate then across zones 1-3 (only 1 gate per zone needed), all while w/out being tagged to score a point. If player makes it past zone 3, the player then travels via the outside perimeter to the original starting point of the game, puts popsicle stick in team collection area (hula hoop or bucket can be used) to score a point for her team, then the cycle starts again by attacking the zones from the start area.
  3. Safety zones (located directly after successfully making it past each zone) are available for attacking team players to rest or strategist before entering the next zone.
  4. Defending team can only tag attacking team players when they are in the attack zone. Defensive players are not allowed to change the zone they are assigned to defend from the start of the game.
  5. If attacking player is tagged, she must immediately stop, return to the start area by traveling via the outside perimeter, and try again.
  6. Play each round for designated time period (90 sec to 2-min is suggested); each team is on defense at least one time.

Variations: Have more gates or remove gates as you see fit. For my students I go 2, 2, 3, which I describe in the tutorial podcast below.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Make sure students are tagging appropriately and that students are running through the gates only!!!
This idea is from: Kevin Vanderwal & Amy Staples, Physical Education Teachers, Sioux Falls School District.





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