Knights of The Round Table



Knights of The Round Table

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: 3-4 mats, 10-15 gator balls, 20 pins, 6-8 scooters, & 20 polyspots (set pins on) Grade: 3-8
Purpose: Cardiovascular Fitness, Throwing Skills, Movement in General Space, Muscular Strength, & Teamwork.
Time: 15-25 Minutes


Lay the mats across the gym to divide the play area in half. Set up ten pins on each end line (castles). Divide the class into two teams and each team begins on their own side of the play area. Assign each student one of the following roles:

  • Pages – collect  balls and bring them to their team’s Catapults (Aerobic Fitness).
  • Catapults – lay on their backs on their backs ready to perform a curl-up (throwing balls to knock down castles: Muscular Strength & Endurance).
  • Knights – sit on horses (scooters) and protect the castles (Muscular Strength, & Flexibility).

The team that knocks over all the pins (castles) first is the winner.

Concerns: Be Careful when throwing a ball! Students are not allowed to throw a ball at another student!!
This idea is from: Scott Carlson, Muskego-Norway School District, Wisconsin. 


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