Traffic Light Tag

Traffic Light Tag

State Standard: 1 & 3

Equipment: 6 balls, or anything safe to tag with) 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green; music
Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Move at different tempos
Time: 5-10 minutes

Ask students if they’ve seen  traffic light …what colors are on the light?  What do each of the colors mean for cars?  Let students know that they will have have to “be like” cars today and remember that red=stop, green = go/fast speed, and yellow = slow speed.  Demonstrate each of the “speeds”.  Hold up a ball and have students move the body part you call out with the speed represented by the color ball. Then, have the students move through general space using the speed you call out.  When you feel they have the concept down, and can safely move through general space, go on to the next part.

Explain that 6 students will have have one ball.  When the music starts, those students will keep holding onto the ball and touch someone with the ball.  When tagged, that student must then move at the speed associated with the color ball that tagged them. (Demo)  For example, if tagged with a yellow ball, the student will move in a slow speed.  If they are tagged with a red ball, they must “stop” and freeze until tagged by a yellow or green ball.  After playing about 30 seconds to a minute, switch the balls around to other students so everyone gets a chance to hold a ball and be a tagger.

Concerns: Make sure they can move safely in general space, tag softly (I like using pool noodle for this!)
This idea is from: Chris Mazurkiewicz, north Arlington, NJ from PE Central;  (I just changed a few things to fit my students.)


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